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Did you see a photograph that would make a great addition to your home or office? Want to book a photo session to capture that special moment? Fill out the form to the right and we can design a custom piece or discuss how best I can accomplish your photography needs.


I see a photograph I like, what next?

If you see a photograph in my portfolio that you would like to add to your home or office, contact me either above in the message box or at with the details of the specific photo and what type of media you would like it on. I can provide photographs on all various media forms ranging from prints to canvas to slate to even ornaments!

How do I book a shoot?

Send me a message above or email me at to discuss the special moment to capture.

How many images will I receive?

The specific package chosen will determine the final image count, however regardless of the package chosen you can expect a minimum of 15 fully finished (edited) hi-res pictures.

Where are you based?

Currently, I am based out of Chester, Virginia.

Would you be willing to travel for a shoot?

Yes, traveling for a shoot is no problem at all. There would be an additional stipend added to the final cost. This would be discussed and agreed upon first.

What is your typical timeline?

For a custom order, timeline will depend on whether the product is already in house or not. If not, typical turnaround time would be 2 weeks once order is placed. For photo shoots, after the completion of the shoot, final photos (edited) can be expected approximately a week to two weeks later. However, these times can vary.